Resilience and Sustainability Project Management

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Climate Change


"We must prepare for a changing climate by incorporating climate preparedness into every aspect of our planning - for food, water, health, energy, even national security. We must reduce our emissions to prevent even more dangerous change."



Photo by USFWS. "Here on the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge, a seemingly infinite expanse of cordgrass is punctuated by endless formations of migrating geese in the sky. Mottled ducks tip down into shallow waters to feed while alligators quietly slip beneath the surface."

At the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge in coastal southeast Texas, a three-mile stretch of restored dunes and renourished beaches held up to the battering winds and torrential rains of Hurricane Harvey. Completed just a few months prior to Harvey’s wrath, this restoration project withstood the storm’s impacts and will continue benefiting wildlife and people!

EcoForward Climate Change Discussion Framework

We should be talking about climate change. Many of us are, and at times it can be a frustrating experience because not everyone understands or necessarily wants to understand the science of climate change. How do we talk about climate change in a productive manner?

Caleb Crow and son assembling Home BioGas 2.0

Sure, you’re green, drive a hybrid, eat vegan, and solar power your learning thermostat, but do you compost? Vermi, static, or tumbler? OK maybe you compost, but do you biogas?

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